Noví Lidé (New People) is a dark electronic duo that has been making music since 2013 in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. They released two albums Světlo a stín (Light and Shadow) (2017) and Kruh (Circle) (2020).The pair consists of Mejra Slejhar, who composes all the lyrics, plays guitar and synthesizers, and René Tomaides, who plays synthesizers. Together they compose and record music in an old industrial factory.They performed in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

- 2020 10/14/20 Release date of our second album Kruh
- 2020 New Video for the song Pohltí tmou
- 2020 Mastering of album Kruh by Moimir Papalescu
- 2019 Recording the second album called KRUH(Circle).
- 2019 Underdogs concert in front of Swedish Agent Side Grinder
- 2019 Concert at Headliner Ponton and at the festival in Boskovice, on the stage Potrvá.
- 2019 VOWWS group from Los Angeles was popping up in Kasárna Karlín 
- 2018 Release of the song Obrazy promluví 
- 2018 Concert at Prague Gothic Treffen festival
- 2018 10 concerts in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland
- 2017 Award for music for short film Parallel in Artur competition on TV Óčko
- 2017 Participation in CZ&SK Dark Tunes compilation with song Izolace
- 2017 17.11. release of debut album Světlo a stín (11 songs)
- 2017 Concert MENU, Hradec Králové and Farhof Art Club, Banská Bystrica
- 2016 Recording and releasing of instrumental compositions Cesta a Sen and making clips
- 2016 The release of the song Světlo a stín
- 2015 First concert :: MENU, Pilnáčkova Továrna, Hradec Králové
- 2015 Track Ztracen scored in the Velká sedma chart on Radio 1
- 2013 Establishment of Nové Lidé group


Mejra Šlejhar
René Tomaides